Is It Ok To Buy Another Bike?

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So is it?

I was riding with a couple of clients in the weekend and this question came up.

Now some of you might think this is a silly question.  If I was asking (or someone was asking me if I wanted another bike), then YES of course it would be a silly question.  Everyone who knows me well, understands that bikes and bike related items are the best gift this girl could want and Diamonds are not her best friend.

Yet to someone relatively new to the sport the thought of having more than one made her feel a little guilty or greedy.  She felt she might be judged for having more than one.

As you could imagine I quickly justified the reasoning behind Rule #12

My reasoning that she should not feel guilty or greedy for purchasing another bike are.

  1. She had a nice dual suspension bike that was over specced for the trail we were riding
  2. She worked hard and could afford another bike
  3. Since taking up cycling she had been on a number of adventures and just wanted MORE
  4. The time using the bike justified another bike
  5. It would mean if one was at the repair shop then she could use the other
  6. She wants to experience different types of riding ie Mountain Biking to Road Cycling

And the list goes on.  My answer is……

YES it is OK to own more than one bike, but please make sure you are USING them and they are not collecting dust.  For the ones that you are replacing or not using them any more.  Find a new home, there are always people who can’t afford a bike or organisations that could use them.

Be Sensible and yes I have three bike and use them all.  How many do you have?

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