I was introduced by my parents to wheeled things very early on in life, and soon discovered that riding a bike was way faster than walking anywhere.  Cycling quickly became part of my normal everyday life – from riding throughout my school years, as a Podiatry student and then later in life to work. I even rode to dates with my now-husband on a bike. In fact, we still go on bike dates – they are our favourite!

I love being outdoors, and on my bike, breathing in the fresh air. It brings me peace and somehow centres me, giving me confidence to cope with everyday life and what it brings. For me, it is like plugging into a rechargeable battery, bringing the feeling of being totally alive.

As a stay-at-home Mum of two children, I became very active in my local bike club, helping to set up a women’s cycling group, bringing other like-minded women together.  It was during this venture that I discovered my love for sharing that passion of cycling and decided to embark on a journey to learn all things about the sport. This took me on an unexpected but fulfilling path to becoming an Accredited Cycle New Zealand Cycle Coach, gaining National Certificate qualifications in Recreation & Sport; Coaching and Instruction (Cycle Skills Instructor), Outdoor Recreation (Leadership & Instruction) Mountain Biking, and Assessment Practice. All the knowledge that I gained, fueled my passion and lead me into the world of coaching, training and assessments.

As a Cycle Coach and Educator, it is my goal to help you on your own cycling journey. I’d love to help you take your first, or next step to getting on your bike and loving it.

Janet Stark
Cycle Coach & Educator
Published Co Author