Janet Stark
Cycle Coach, Educator & Technical Advisor

My promise to you
As an expert recreational cycling coach and educator, it is my goal to help you on your own cycling journey. I’d love to help you take your first, or next step to get on your bike and love it.

My path to riding
My parents introduced me to wheeled things very early on in life, and I was hooked. From riding throughout my school years, as a Podiatry student, on cycling holidays and commuting to work. I even rode to dates with my now-husband on a bike. Bike dates and holidays are still our favourite, the long the better.

Why I still love it
I love being outdoors, and on my bike, breathing in the fresh air. It brings me peace and centres me, giving me confidence to cope with everyday life and what it brings. For me, it’s like plugging into a rechargeable battery, bringing the feeling of being totally alive and really seeing everything around me.

Sharing my passion
As a stay-at-home Mum of two children, I became very active in my local bike club. I helped to set up a women’s cycling group and discovered how much I loved to share my passion with other women. This gave me the inspiration to become a cycling coach and educator. (I’ve also developed free resources , self-guided rides and bike challenges available on the website).

Becoming a cycle coach & educator
It’s been a journey with ups & downs! Now recognised as one of New Zealand’s top expert recreational cycling coaches working as a coach, educator and technical advisor.  Coaching, mentoring, training, facilitating, public speaking, assessing and advising are all part of the job within the cycle skills & mountain biking fields.

My Ride Botany Sponsorship
Special mentions to Tony from My Ride Botany for supplying an ebike and looking after me.  I love having a local store I can count on.  Why not pop in and see how they can help you? https://www.myride.co.nz/stores/botany

New Logo Story 
I put it out there in July 2022 that I was after a new logo, Periscope Design Ltd approached me and came up with a very generous deal.  The have created a logo that captures the essence of what I do and love – cycling.  Thank you. http://www.periscope.co.nz/

Passchier Bamboo Bars
These bars are beauties which I have recently started to use for bikepacking adventures.   I have always had issues with my arms/hands (not the strongest) and looking forward to how these bars help me.  Use this code for a 10% if you want a set cyclecoach10

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