Finding Hidden Gems

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There is nothing better than getting away from the normal rat race and having a holiday. Sometimes however those holidays seem far and few between. We get stuck in our day to day lives and have this little niggle that we are missing something.

I find this especially true when winter hits or we get a long period where it seems to be always raining. Adjusting our bodies to cope with the weather seems to take a bit of extra effort, discouraging us from venturing outside. Stopping us from exploring and having adventures.

If this resonates with you then I have the solution.


How do you do this?
• Decide on the length of your Micro Adventure i.e. half day, whole day or weekend
• Choose a location
• Research that location
• Decide to go solo or have company
• Book a guided trip with a company offering small adventures
• And stick with the plan

Your goal is to find a HIDDEN GEM during your micro adventure. This might be a favourite cafe that makes particularly good coffee, a seat which has an amazing view, a great place to have a picnic or swim. Somewhere that feeds your soul and helps with melting away the stress and anxiety you may have bottled up since your last holiday.

For me micro adventures are all about finding HIDDEN GEMS while I am out biking. Recently I revisited a hut that I hadn’t been to in years. I couldn’t quite remember how to get there or if the gravel road I was riding took me all the way and if there was be a hike a bike section.  I did remember there was a steep climb!

My reward was the rediscovery of this little hut (now refurbished – looking even more inviting than last time).

The joy of me finding these hidden gems is being able to take others back and sharing this space with them. Taking clients on guided rides is always a pleasure and seeing the delight on their faces makes the Hidden Gems even more special.

I would love to take you on a micro adventure, so you too can have this joy.
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