There is something rather special about making it to the top of a hill climb when riding your bike.  Yes you might of sweated, thought about giving up and had moments of doubt.

The point is YOU did get to the TOP

Take a moment to congratulate yourself and say well done.

The last time I rode up  Otau Mountain Road was two years ago and I have been putting it off because back then I was at the height of my fitness levels.  I didn’t want to feel down about myself.  I kept on making excuses.

Today I took James, who had never ridden up this hill before and told him he could do it.  It made me brave and forced me to ride    Yes it was hard work and my face went bright red and I huffed and puffed but I did it and got someone else to ride it as well.  In fact I rode it in my second fastest time WAHOO.

So if you are are putting off riding up a hill because you think it will be too hard,  just give it a go and set a bench mark for when you ride it again.

Hills play a mental game on you – don’t let it beat you.


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