New Eyes

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Admitting that you can’t see quite as well and doing something about it is a BIG step. I actually hadn’t realised how bad things had got.
My mountain biking skills had dropped and I was having issues reading street signs when Urban guiding and road cycling.
Last year I started on the prescription sunglasses journey. Picked them up just before Christmas and hated them with a passion. They made me feel queasy to the stomach and I felt like the trail was jumping out at me. My depth of perception had changed and things looked scary!! I even had a trail side tanty and my ever patience husband putting up with me as I grumped about the cost and how things were worse!
I stuck with them and soon found I could Road Cycle with them on and could see way better. I decided that if my eyes could adjust to road cycling it must work for mountain biking.
Three months later I can tell you that I would be lost without them. I LOVE them and so happy with how I can now see the trails!!
If you need to do something about your eyesight I can highly recommend going and having a chat to Tania from Howick Village Optometrists
She guided me through the process of selecting the right glasses, lenses and tint.
Your totally worth it

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