Balance At Craters

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Can you balance on a bike?

On Friday I had the pleasure of taking a group of ladies riding at Craters of the Moon in Taupo.  We meet there to kick start our GREAT LAKE WOMEN’S RETREAT.  I decided to challenge them on a very cool track called SCRAGG’S, which has some purpose built balance wooden structures.

Balance is an interesting thing that seems to come naturally to some and not others.  The young appear to make balance look like an easy thing and somehow as the years tick by our balance ability slowly seeps away.

Is this because we forget to be kids running along edges or try new things without the ‘risks’ popping into our heads?

I have been challenging myself and my clients to return to ‘being a kid’ and re learn how to have fun on a bike.  That might mean riding no hands or having fun on low down wooden structures like those on the Scragg’s Track.

So my questions to you are:

Can you balance on a bike?

When did you last ride with no hands on your handle bars?

Want to be that kid again?

Want help??  Come along on a coaching session to kick start your fun on a bike.

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