Timber Trail Lodge – Wow

Now I just love going on adventures on my bike, but adding in friends, a birthday, good food and fantastic accommodation makes for a perfect combination.

This was my second visit to the Timber Trail http://www.timbertrail.co.nz/ in 2017 and I can tell you now I would ride it again.  There is something special about this place.  Magical looking trees, joyous bird song, along with the sound of the wind in the trees.   The total feeling of being in the middle of nowhere, the serenity of it all.  The pure joy of friendship, biking and the knowledge that we were heading to the Timber Trail Lodge to be well looked after.   http://www.timbertraillodge.co.nz/

It didn’t take much arm twisting for me to say yes to experiencing the Ultimate Timber Trail Two Night Package at the new Timber Trail Lodge in October.  My thoughts jumped immediately to who would join me.

With Leanne & Christine in tow we drove to Ongarue to be greeted by Epic Cycle Adventureshttps://www.thetimbertrail.nz/  Our bikes loaded for us and into the dusty van we set off for a bumpy ride to the Lodge.     The road is not well maintained and certainly adds to the atmosphere of going on an adventure.

We arrived at the Lodge looking forward to our evening ahead of us. To our surprise we discovered we were to be the only guests for our two nights stay, having snuck in before a big party that was expected to arrive on the day we were leaving – double bonus.   I fell in love the the Lodge from the moment we walked into the main dining/lounge area, the big doors pushed open making you feel you were part of the valley.  I could of sat there for hours.

The next morning, after still feeling full from dinner and breakfast (OMG the food was amazing) we headed off to the start of the trail.  This time being shuttled by Pa Harakeke Shuttles through locked gates and private land made for an unforgettable experience http://www.paharakeke.co.nz/

The weather was stunning.  The decision had been made to conquer Mt Pureroa along the way.  We had ridden past the sign on a previous trip but had not stopped.  We had all day and knowing that we would be well looked after when we returned to the Lodge – why not.  With lunch packed we rode to the start of the walking track to the summit.   It was soon discovered that bike shoes and a non maintained trail do not make for easy walking.  The climb was worth it with clear sky 360 degree views – WOW – and lunch was eaten YUM YUM.

I totally loved my two days riding with Christine and Leanne.  The downhills and ups all a pleasure in such beautiful surroundings.  The rush of life was gone to be replaced with friendship and time to think and just be immersed with nature.

Day 2 of riding consisted of another big breakfast (again still full from the night before).  Our bags all packed and lunch all made, we head off for the second half of the trail.  Now Day One is fun but boy I sure do love the second day.  The history of Tramway and how harsh life must of been sure makes you contemplate how easy we have it today.  The trail is easier on the second day and makes you want to just keep riding and soak in the pleasure of it all.  Rivers, Bridges, Historic Features and oh my DOWNHILL riding.  I don’t want my two days of riding to come to an end.  I want to delay the return to Auckland and just ride it all over again.

A huge thank you to Bruce, Daniel, Will and Dave for letting us come and stay.  WE LOVED IT and see you again in 2018

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