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Introducing you to the Spokeswomen

A number of years ago when our kids were little, three of us decided to start riding regularly together on a Friday. From here more women joined and the Women’s PCBC Social Cycling Group was born.  We renamed ourselves the Spokeswomen and become a little more organised with regular rides, outings and weekend trips away.

Find us here

This group very quickly became the highlight of my week (and still is present day).  We laugh, ride, go on adventures, crash, laugh some more, buy new bikes, visit lots of cafe’s, encourage, dream, support and just have SO MUCH FUN.

The group keeps me centered, they are my glue and the reason I started on the journey to become a Cycle Coach. They helped me discovered I was good at guiding, encouraging others to ride –  THEY BELIEVED IN ME.

The best way to enjoy cycling & improve is to find that group that gets you.  You will find that you will ride more and go on more adventures than you ever thought possible.

What group do you belong to?  

Haven’t found one yet – find one as it is totally worth it.

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