Freedom To Vote & Cycle

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I can get on my bike, ride by myself and not fear for my own safety AND VOTE

For those of us who live in New Zealand, either by choice or your country of origin, we have so much to gain.  It doesn’t take long from your door to ‘get’ to somewhere beautiful.  For me it is the beach or the local regional park.

I have the freedom to own a bike, to live in a house with my family.  My political views or beliefs do not put me behind bars.  I have food on the table and ‘too many’ things in my home, while others around the world do not.  As a women I can make my own choices, study, run a business, ride my bike, be a mum & a wife and VOTE.

In the 1880’s New Zealand women found freedom in the Bicycle – a frame and wheel size that they could actually ride was designed & made.  It soon become obvious that Victorian layered skirts were not easy to ride in.  A new dress fashion was born.  Women started to explore our beautiful country, connecting with other women further afield.

New Zealand women wanted a greater say in the running of our country.  They wanted the right to vote. Many of the 32 000 signatures that were collected around the country were BY WOMEN RIDING THEIR BIKES.

New Zealand became the first self-governing country in the world in which all women had the right to vote in parliamentary elections.   This all happened on the 19 September 1893.

Take a moment to remember these pioneer women who fought for our rights to be equal and don’t forget to VOTE.

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  1. Jan

    Great little story there Janet…cuppa coffee read a blog.. .. break over thank you

    1. Janet Stark

      Thank you Jan, I trust you enjoyed your coffee. It is amazing what interesting facts you stumble on when you go looking.

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