The Balance Zone


This is my secret boost for cyclists especially if you are struggling to connect with your bike, need to improve your base cycling skills or have noticed you are no longer as balanced as you thought?  If you can answer yes to any of these, I highly recommend either booking in a Balance Zone Coaching session or purchasing your copy of the Balance Program today.  

What is included:
– 10 Off the Bike Exercises
– 10 On the Bike Exercises
– Each exercise has clear written and photo instructions
– Quick Reference Hub
– 6 Week Training Guide
– Record Sheet
BOOKLET $35 (RRP $40)  PDF $17.50 (RRP $25) 

Balance Zone coaching session 

All exercises demonstrated and explained, the best way to fast track your balance journey and feel more child-like again.  Balance Book included with this session

Allow 1.15 hours for this sessions
Based at Pine Harbour Marina, Pohutukawa Coast

SESSION $100 (normally $110)