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Admitting that you can’t see quite as well and doing something about it is a BIG step. I actually hadn’t realised how bad things had got.
My mountain biking skills had dropped and I was having issues reading street signs when Urban guiding and road cycling.
Last year I started on the prescription sunglasses journey. Picked them up just before Christmas and hated them with a passion. They made me feel queasy to the stomach and I felt like the trail was jumping out at me. My depth of perception had changed and things looked scary!! I even had a trail side tanty and my ever patience husband putting up with me as I grumped about the cost and how things were worse!
I stuck with them and soon found I could Road Cycle with them on and could see way better. I decided that if my eyes could adjust to road cycling it must work for mountain biking.
Three months later I can tell you that I would be lost with out them. I LOVE them and so happy with how I can now see the trails!!
If you need to do something about your eyesight I can highly recommend going and having a chat to Tania from Howick Village Optometrists
She guided me through the process of selecting the right glasses, lenses and tint.
Your totally worth it


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There is nothing better than getting away from the normal rat race and having a holiday. Sometimes however those holidays seem far and few between. We get stuck in our day to day lives and have this little niggle that we are missing something.

I find this especially true when winter hits or we get a long period where it seems to be always raining. Adjusting our bodies to cope with the weather seems to take a bit of extra effort, discouraging us from venturing outside. Stopping us from exploring and having adventures.

If this resonates with you then I have the solution.


How do you do this?
• Decide on the length of your Micro Adventure i.e. half day, whole day or weekend
• Choose a location
• Research that location
• Decide to go solo or have company
• Book a guided trip with a company offering small adventures
• And stick with the plan

Your goal is to find a HIDDEN GEM during your micro adventure. This might be a favourite cafe that makes particularly good coffee, a seat which has an amazing view, a great place to have a picnic or swim. Somewhere that feeds your soul and helps with melting away the stress and anxiety you may have bottled up since your last holiday.

For me micro adventures are all about finding HIDDEN GEMS while I am out biking. Recently I revisited a hut that I hadn’t been to in years. I couldn’t quite remember how to get there or if the gravel road I was riding took me all the way and if there was be a hike a bike section.  I did remember there was a steep climb!

My reward was the rediscovery of this little hut (now refurbished – looking even more inviting than last time).

The joy of me finding these hidden gems is being able to take others back and sharing this space with them. Taking clients on guided rides is always a pleasure and seeing the delight on their faces makes the Hidden Gems even more special.

I would love to take you on a micro adventure, so you too can have this joy.
Check out my latest Adventures

New Adventures loaded each month
See you all soon



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There is something rather special about making it to the top of a hill climb when riding your bike.  Yes you might of sweated, thought about giving up and had moments of doubt.

The point is YOU did get to the TOP

Take a moment to congratulate yourself and say well done.

The last time I rode up  Otau Mountain Road was two years ago and I have been putting it off because back then I was at the height of my fitness levels.  I didn’t want to feel down about myself.  I kept on making excuses.

Today I took James, who had never ridden up this hill before and told him he could do it.  It made me brave and forced me to ride    Yes it was hard work and my face went bright red and I huffed and puffed but I did it and got someone else to ride it as well.  In fact I rode it in my second fastest time WAHOO.

So if you are are putting off riding up a hill because you think it will be too hard,  just give it a go and set a bench mark for when you ride it again.

Hills play a mental game on you – don’t let it beat you.



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So is it?

I was riding with a couple of clients in the weekend and this question came up.

Now some of you might think this is a silly question.  If I was asking (or someone was asking me if I wanted another bike), then YES of course it would be a silly question.  Everyone who knows me well, understands that bikes and bike related items are the best gift this girl could want and Diamonds are not her best friend.

Yet to someone relatively new to the sport the thought of having more than one made her feel a little guilty or greedy.  She felt she might be judged for having more than one.

As you could imagine I quickly justified the reasoning behind Rule #12

My reasoning that she should not feel guilty or greedy for purchasing another bike are.

  1. She had a nice dual suspension bike that was over specced for the trail we were riding
  2. She worked hard and could afford another bike
  3. Since taking up cycling she had been on a number of adventures and just wanted MORE
  4. The time using the bike justified another bike
  5. It would mean if one was at the repair shop then she could use the other
  6. She wants to experience different types of riding ie Mountain Biking to Road Cycling

And the list goes on.  My answer is……

YES it is OK to own more than one bike, but please make sure you are USING them and they are not collecting dust.  For the ones that you are replacing or not using them any more.  Find a new home, there are always people who can’t afford a bike or organisations that could use them.

Be Sensible and yes I have three bike and use them all.  How many do you have?


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Can you balance on a bike?

On Friday I had the pleasure of taking a group of ladies riding at Craters of the Moon in Taupo.  We meet there to kick start our GREAT LAKE WOMEN’S RETREAT.  I decided to challenge them on a very cool track called SCRAGG’S, which has some purpose built balance wooden structures.

Balance is an interesting thing that seems to come naturally to some and not others.  The young appear to make balance look like an easy thing and somehow as the years tick by our balance ability slowly seeps away.

Is this because we forget to be kids running along edges or try new things with out the ‘risks’ popping into our heads?

I have been challenging myself and my clients to return to ‘being a kid’ and re learn how to have fun on a bike.  That might mean riding no hands or having fun on low down wooden structures like those on the Scragg’s Track.

So my questions to you are:

Can you balance on a bike?

When did you last ride with no hands on your handle bars?

Want to be that kid again?

Want help??  Come along on a coaching session to kick start your fun on a bike.


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Have you recently pushed your bike down your driveway and just gone exploring on your local streets and pathways

So many of us load the car with all our gear and drive to a bike park or popular cycling area, that we often forget about the one outside our front door.  You might be surprised by what hidden gems you find.

I live close to Sunkist Bay Beach and 250m from my home there is a short pathway down to the reverse by the beach. It has a fantastic tight corner perfect for practising body position and at the bottom you pop out next to the beach.

Where is your local hidden gem?


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Lots of my clients worry that they are not good enough to come on a group ride or are embarrassed by their cycling skills when they attend a coaching session. It doesn’t matter how good or bad you are. What counts is your starting point and how you can improve from there.

If you don’t get on your bike and try something new you are never going to find out if you can do it or not – Just get on your bike and ride – seek help if needed.  Never be embarrassed from trying – be proud of your achievement instead.

Be Adventurous Live Life and Cycle